Harriet Ann Ellenberger, 1950

About “River Song”

Dear Reader,

Here I am in 1950, at my brand-new desk, “writing” with my father’s fountain pen. I couldn’t read yet, but that was a minor obstacle.

I still feel about writing the way I did at age four: it’s irresistible. It’s like riding the back of a bird in flight—a far-seeing freedom.

As I pour a lifetime of writing into “River Song,” I invite you to come along for the ride. Whatever else happens, something here may echo something in your own wild mind.

Bon courage and happy reading,

Harriet Ann Ellenberger (aka Harriet Desmoines)



6 thoughts on “About “River Song””

    1. Thanks for the encouragement, Sarah. I keep being confused and hesitant about choosing and executing a final design for “River Song,” but if the “About” page works for you … well. that’s progress and I’ll take a break from widgets and custom menus and custom headers I can’t make work, and get back to putting up new posts, which is the part I like.

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  1. Your flowerdy curtains and your clothes remind me of my family’s of that time.

    When Cochiti parrot sits on my shoulder and eats out of my oatmeal bowl, I feel and love the warmth from her little head as she dips it next to my cheek to get the food. A few years ago I had a dream I was riding on the shoulder of a huge flying bird, and I felt that same warmth off her head. Very nice.

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